Everything has changed, so we have adapted!

B.U.B.B.L.E. Parties are ready to roll!
Up to 4 kids with 1 parent accompanying (arrive in 1 car), lasting 1 hour, for just £50. This keep us all within the new ‘Safe 6’ regulations for groups.

Sing 1 song all together as a group, spaced out around our headphone station (which normally accommodates 12 kids).

You can sing with or without masks but all kids will sing through Pop Shields, which are cleaned/sanitised before & after each party.

No party food (it’s only an hour) but the kids can interact with each other just as they would at school in their ‘bubbles’ and take pics of themselves, plus have a short BUBBLE dance in our laser disco room after the recording part.

BUBBLE = Brilliant Uplifting – Bounce Back – Light Entertainment – Parties

During your BUBBLE party the kids can sanitise their hands whenever they like. Masks can be kept on, but we have clear acrylic isolation screens for when they are singing/recording.

For more details about all our Pop Star Party packages please visit main site and go to the ‘Parties‘ page.

Birthday Parties

With most schools back and children enjoying the return to school, it is time to think about birthdays again – and birthday parties.

Pop Star Party is well into its 11th year and we know a bit about entertaining kids! Kids like fun, food, songs, disco’s – and now they like safety too!

The studio has always been set up for child safety during parties and new steps have been taken to ensure their Covid-19 safety:

  • The kitchen area where they should wash their hands has been overhauled
  • The entrance area has a collection of sanitising products and free masks on the piano
  • The recording area has new isolation screening
  • If food is required it can be eaten outside or inside – you decide
  • The number of party pals attending has been reduced to 4 for the time being
  • No change to the supply of FREE tea & coffee for supporting adults!
  • Kids need birthday parties – the studio is ready!


For the next generation of birthdays during Covid-19 times there’s plenty in store to help entertain your kids on their big day.

OK smaller groups, but that’s how we manage safety. With smaller groups comes more focussed fun, shorter parties and reduced prices! The show will go on & kids will have great party memories.

Please visit the main website for full details of our BUBBLE party & all the 4 regular parties.